Answer: Not unless you want it to.

First, let’s make sure we’re speaking the same language. There are five categories of desires that generally bring a person to see a Dominatrix like me.
You may find yourself identifying with one or several of these:

1. BDSM. This would be for someone who likes a little bit of everything. It’s an acronym for the following three specific desires.

2. B&D or Bondage & Discipline. It’s up to you if you desire a painful discipline or not.

3. D/s or Domination & submission. No Pain Required!

4. S&M or Sadism & Masochism. This is for folks who enjoy intense sensations, like pain.

5. Kink, fetishes or activities that are outside the norm but not don’t necessarily fall into any of the BDSM categories. No Pain Required!

6. I lied, a sixth thing that may bring you to see me is a wildcard. Folks seek out ProDommes for individual instruction on technical aspects of BDSM, couples sessions to figure out where two partners kinky desires meet, and general curiosity.

If you are considering contacting me for something other than points 1 -6, like engaging in sex acts involving some combination of mouth, genitals, hands or assholes or looking for a woman to dominate you for free, then do not contact me at all. It saves both of us some time.

Each session is unique. What rocks one person’s world may leave another person bored. My interests are incredibly varied. Chances are our interests will overlap. And if they don’t, I’ll probably be able to recommend a Domme who specializes in your particular fetish or also enjoys your favorite activity.