What to expect

Communication is key to a successful session, and an open, respectful dialogue is the first step to ensuring compatibility. The best way to start is by heading to the CONTACT ME section of my site, and filling out my INQUIRY form.

Once I receive your inquiry form, we start by talking about what you are looking for and your boundaries. Like anyone else, there are things that I love to incorporate during session, things that I enjoy, and things that I have no interest in exploring. If our interests parallel, we will move forward in the planning details of meeting for our first session. If either of us find we are not compatible, I am more than happy to recommend other professionally established Dommes with whom you might find yourself more comfortable.

I have seen people from 21 to 71, and ask for full disclosure of any health risks or issues before booking a session. I am sensitive to special needs and have access to a play space that is wheel chair accessible. Any personal information divulged in our contact is strictly confidential, and is only used for my safety and yours.