Disarmingly Seductive, Dominatrix Sophia Chase

Lady Sophia Chase, Disarmingly Seductive Chicago Dominatrix

Approach to kink/sessions:

I practice Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) and am always continuing my personal kink education through research and practice. I see my sessions as a means to escape from the pressures of daily life, a safe place to explore your erotic self, and a powerful medium for human connection. Creating a safe environment, establishing trust and facilitating honest communication are the steps I take before we begin our journey together in session.

March 31st, 2020 

How to connect with me while we are not able to session in person

Let me share with you where I’m at in these unusual times. I feel incredibly lucky to have a career as a professional dominatrix, doing something that I love and that makes me feel like I’m making a positive difference in people’s lives.

For over a decade my full-time job has been seeing clients, men, women, non-binary folks, and couples, in-person for play sessions in the dungeon. It’s a fun job but it’s hard work with lots of unpaid labor behind the scenes. What makes me feel passionate about that work is that I get to connect with people and, with their desires in mind, provide uninterrupted, focused attention.

How often can we say we get the gift of genuine, purposeful attentiveness and care from another person? Imagine the power and vulnerability in that act. Now imagine that powerful situation also feeling safe and welcoming enough for you to share your deepest fantasies and desires without judgement. That’s what I get to do for a living and it’s mind-blowing.

Creating spaces for those powerful experiences of attentiveness and vulnerability is what makes me excited to do my work seeing clients. Sadly, in light of the necessary measures to slow the spread of Covid-19, I will not be seeing clients in person until that situation changes.

The logical next step for an established, independent professional dominatrix such as myself is to move my in-person sessions online: virtual private sessions over the phone and maybe on webcam. However, something about that didn’t sit right with me. Every dominatrix is different, so I am only speaking for myself here: stepping into my Mistress personae and fetish attire for sessions feels natural to me but it is also something that takes a lot of emotional and psychological energy.

Emotional and psychological energy is in short supply for everyone these days and I am no exception. I just can’t step into “Mistress mode” for online sessions right now. However, I still want to connect with the amazing folks that I usually see in person. I’ve decided that for the time being I’ll be available online, but I will not be doing sessions. Instead I want to talk with you. Let’s have honest conversation and connect. I want to hear about how you’re doing and what’s going on in your mind during this uncertain time. If you’re interested in talking about kink, great! Let’s talk about that. You’ll have my same focused attention and care. You’ll be welcomed into the same powerful space I create for our sessions that allows for honesty and vulnerability for both of us.

Visit my Contact page or email me directly at lovelyladysophia@gmail.com to arrange a call.

And for those not interested in or able to make phone calls, you can support me by subscribing to my OnlyFans site. I’m posting uncensored photos that have never been seen on social media or my website.